"I am incredibly grateful to Joanna. Many years ago, I woke up one morning with an incredibly stiff, cricked neck and a severe headache. Over time, my shoulders became very tight and I used to experience a tingling sensation down my arms. I think this was the consequence of poor posture and too much computer work (and I also play the piano). Having seen numerous therapists over an extended period of time, and tried all sorts of different treatments, I eventually alighted (on the recommendation of a friend) upon the McTimoney Chiropractic technique.

I now see Joanna on a fortnightly basis. These regular, gentle alignments to my neck, spine and hips have made a tremendous difference to my quality of life. Most of the time, I am now pain free which is a situation that, several years ago, I could only have dreamed of. Thank you once again, Joanna!"


"Not all back problem are the same. I'd had regular sorts of back ache before bu tthis was different, and it quickly grew worse - intense pain in one side of my lower back spread down the hip, groin, thigh and even into my lower leg. It made walking difficult and turning over in bed was an agonising manoeuvre. Pain killers were prescribed and enabled me to get about but it was all pretty miserable. Then a friend mentioned Joanna Cocking and the McTimoney therapy she practises.

Joanna examined me and said that my lower spine and pelvis were out of alignment and pinching some important nerve endings. Who could imagine that such a gentle treatment could be so effective - basically clicking, taping, pushing and stretching, or that's how it felt. There was some relief at once, and after a few more sessions normal life was resumed. Extraordinary. 

Weeks later I still relish my mobility, and even more the freedom from pain that McTimoney Chiropractic has given me."

L.C Powick